FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 18th October 2010

Summary: Fire Season, a book by debut novelist VH Folland, will be released in paperback on 1st December 2010.

Fire Season - New Book Announcement

For Matt and his flying club, there aren't any options left. Trapped residents, threatened towns and one small airstrip safely upwind of the fire line.

It's not a promising position, but they volunteer anyway, hoping a protected position and a base close to the fire might make a difference.

And then the wind changes.

Ragged Angel Ltd would like to announce the upcoming release of "Fire Season" by VH Folland. A small town, threatened communities, and a forest fire closing in combine to produce a gripping old style aviation adventure in VH Folland's debut novel. Due for paperback release on 1st December 2010, a Kindle e-book is scheduled to follow.

The book is Neilsen listed and available for pre-order from most booksellers. Uncorrected ARC copies are available on request for review purposes.


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